New York National Guard seeks new warrant officers

New York National Guard
Story by Spc. Jonathan Pietrantoni

Date: 04.09.2017
Posted: 04.10.2017 10:02
News ID: 229790
New York National Guard conducts Warrant Officer Seminar

CAMP SMITH TRAINING SITE, Peekskill, N.Y. — Twenty New York Army National Guard Soldiers, from the ranks of specialist to sergeant first-class, took the first steps toward becoming warrant officers at the Warrant Officer Symposium here April 8, 2017.

Warrant officer strength managers, along with several high-ranking guest speakers, met with hopeful candidates during a six-hour seminar that discussed eligibility requirements and held personalized one-on-one meetings.

“Becoming a warrant officer is not something which should be undertaken lightly, it’s a challenging journey but the reward is well worth it.” said New York Army National Guard Lt. Col. Jody Lupo, assistant chief of staff of operations for the 53rd Troop Command. “We need our best to become chief warrant officers and experts in their field.”

Warrant officers are highly specialized experts and trainers in their respective career fields. Through gaining progressive levels of expertise and leadership, they provide valuable guidance to commanders and are a benefit to the organization.

New York Army National Guard Chief Warrant Officer 4 Peter Padilla noted that warrant officers represent a small, elite corps that makes up only 3 percent of the New York Army National Guard’s total force and 20 percent of the officer corps.

Padilla, the sr. warrant officer of the general officer command, 53rd Troop Command, added that New York has approximately 70 vacant positions that strength managers are looking to fill with the best Soldiers.

The symposium provided the ability to meet with warrant officers gaining Soldiers valuable insight on the ascension process along with their personal experiences that would not have been possible.

Soldiers who want to know about a warrant officer career path should attend because it’s designed to help you understand the right track based on your interests, according to Staff Sgt. Castillo, a supply sergeant assigned to Delta Co., 1st Battalion 69th infantry who attended the symposium,

Whatever your career path is, the warrant officer track is beneficial to both the Soldiers career and to the Army, Castillo added.
“The foundation of the warrant officer core is built on the noncommissioned officer’s experience, training, and leadership, said Padilla. These symposiums provide a unique opportunity to find and attract the best the New York Army National Guard has to offer.”