CREDO helps spouses rekindle relationship flames

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
Story by Sgt. Grace L. Waladkewics

Date: 02.16.2016
Posted: 02.16.2016 14:46
News ID: 188961
CREDO helps spouses rekindle relationship flames

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION CHERRY POINT, N.C. - More than 30 couples gathered for the semi-annual Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operation Marriage Enrichment Retreat in New Bern, Feb. 5-6.

During the two-day retreat, service members and their spouses participated in various relationship strengthening activities including: Hidden Keys to a Loving Relationship, The Love Bank, Love Busters and Love Builders.

According to Navy Lt. Hardy G. Owens, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing staff chaplain, events like CREDO are important because married couples often seek assistance and advancement in their marital life, but with work and other obligations, the marriage relationship often falls to the wayside.

“If spouses are left isolated or become too busy at work or doing their own thing, it becomes easy to grow apart,” explained Owens. “The CREDO retreats are great because it helps remind us the reason we got married and the reason we fell in love and it gives us the tools to continue to grow in our relationship.”

During the event couples spent time filling out personality inventories and other worksheets designed to help them learn more about themselves and each other.

“We came to this retreat because we felt our marriage needed to be enriched,” said Sgt. Krystal Daniels, a maintenance administration clerk with Marine Transport Squadron 1. “We came to hear the views of other couples and their marriages and to bond with each other in an environment where others are trying to do the same thing we are: become a stronger couple.”

Many of the couples in attendance said they hoped to leave the retreat with as much knowledge and information as the retreat had to offer and they hoped to leave with a stronger, healthier marriage relationship.

“It is refreshing to take time to focus on our relationship since we don’t always get to do that when we are working constantly,” explained Daniels.

According to Daniels, if your home is good, you will be good at work as well.

“The purpose of these events are to ensure the Marines and their families are mission ready so when the Marines are called out to take care of our nation’s business they are ready and able to do so,” said Owens. “Through the retreat the couples are able to build marital satisfaction and resiliency.

“It is important that our Marines and spouses are ready at home, so they will be ready at a moment notice is deployment comes. Family readiness is mission readiness.”