Don’t try this at home: Miramar Fire Department sets turkey ablaze

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar / 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing
Story by Sgt. Melissa Wenger

Date: 11.25.2015
Posted: 11.25.2015 14:48
News ID: 182921
Don’t try this at home: Miramar Fire Department sets turkey ablaze

While the holidays are thought of as a time to enjoy with family and friends, this season also brings with it a set of particular safety hazards not seen the rest of the year. That’s why the Miramar Fire Department demonstrated a common, yet preventable issue so Marines and their company don’t ruin the holiday cheer.

John Meyer, a firefighter with the Miramar Fire Department led the demonstration for Marines with Headquarters Squadron, Marine Aircraft Group 11, aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, Nov. 25.

The firefighters quickly dropped an ice-cold turkey into an overfilled fryer full of the wrong type of oil at the wrong temperature. To give the spectators an idea of the injuries they could sustain by doing something like this, they positioned a mannequin dressed in typical Southern-Californian garb – a T-shirt and flip-flops – next to the fryer.

“So we’re doing everything wrong here,” said Meyer. “We want you guys to see how badly things can go wrong just so that you can try and avoid this over the holiday season.”

The result was a large fire ball and a lightly-seared mannequin, something that could be devastating to someone’s holiday.

“We do this for the Marines because they face so many dangers on a daily basis,” said Meyer. “The worst thing that we think could happen to them is that they face another danger on thanksgiving or during the holidays that could’ve been prevented.”