Accountability system training going online for DLA supervisors

Defense Logistics Agency
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Date: 03.03.2015
Posted: 03.04.2015 08:44
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UNITED STATES - Defense Logistics Agency supervisors now have access to mandatory online training on the system used to account for personnel in natural disasters and other emergencies.

“Training on the Fourth Estate Personnel Accountability and Assessment System will appear in DLA supervisor’s Learning Management System learning plans,” explained Marion Redding, a human resources specialist in DLA Human Resources Policy.

FEPAAS is an online system through which employees account for themselves and their family members in emergency situations during which normal accountability procedures might be disrupted.

The mandatory training helps DLA supervisors understand the system and their role in emergency accountability. It covers use of the system in detail so supervisors can ensure their employees know how to account for themselves.

Topics in the training include:

-- FEPAAS background.
-- Logging onto FEPAAS, including information on how to access the system using an Internet browser, security notice, and how to log in to account for themselves as well as their employees.
-- Updating contact info for employees and family members. This should be done before disaster strikes.
-- Checking and updating reporting status for assigned employees.
-- Adding employees to the system.
-- Understanding the different accounting categories.
-- Actions to take when an emergency event occurs, including a detailed description of manager and supervisor responsibilities during an event and how to access this info when it’s needed.

The training also points supervisors to resources within FEPAAS to help them become more comfortable using the system. These include announcements, quick help, and training sections available when logged into FEPAAS. A frequently asked questions section is also available.

Since FEPAAS was deployed in spring 2011, DLA has accounted for its personnel during four major events: Hurricane Irene in 2011, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a severe ice storm in December 2013 that affected large swaths of the U.S., and Typhoon Neoguri in June 2014, Brad Bunn, director of DLA Human Resources, wrote in a September blog post. DLA also conducts multiple FEPAAS exercises throughout the year to ensure employees and supervisors understand the system, he wrote.

“With FEPAAS … we have a standard, reliable and rapid method to account for, manage, and monitor the status of personnel affected and/or scattered by a widespread catastrophic event,” he wrote. “FEPAAS provides valuable information to the chain of command, allowing leadership to quickly make strategic decisions and focus resources on the people impacted.”

While employee data is pre-populated in FEPAAS, he added, active employee participation in the system is important to keep information up to date and learn about what to do in disaster situations.

More information on FEPAAS, including a direct link to the system, can be found under “Automated Tools” on the DLA Human Resources employee website.

(DLA Public Affairs, DLA Human Resources communications manager, DLA Training and DLA Human Resources Policy contributed to this article.)