Tigris River Bridge repaired in less than three days

Multi-National Corps Iraq Public Affairs
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Date: 11.27.2007
Posted: 11.27.2007 09:49
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Tigris River Bridge repaired in less than three days

MOSUL, Iraq – The Qayyarah Bridge, which spans the Tigris River in Nineveh province, was repaired and opened to traffic, just three days after a section was destroyed by a truck bomb, on Nov. 23.

"Al-Qaida is dedicated to destroying Iraq; but Iraqi security forces and coalition forces are dedicated to helping Iraq move forward," said Maj. Gen Mark P. Hertling, Commander of Multi-National Division – North. "Our brothers in the Iraqi army and Iraqi police will do everything in their power to counter the harm that AQI is doing to the Iraqi people. The 61 hours it took to rebuild the Qayyarah Bridge after enemy forces destroyed it is an example of how we are only dedicated to the forward momentum of Iraq."

Repairs to the bridge began within 48 hours of the bombing. Working through the night, the Iraqi and coalition force engineers repaired the span in just over 12 hours. The bridge, which is over 400 meters in-length, is a major part of the economic and social infrastructure in the province. It also serves to connect the main routes between Mosul in the north and Baghdad to the south.