US and Djibouti Coast Guard team up for best practices

Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti
Story by Julia Casper

Date: 07.23.2014
Posted: 07.30.2014 06:24
News ID: 137700
CRS-1 and Djiboutian Coast Guard share best practices

CAMP LEMONNIER, Djibouti – U.S. Coastal Riverine Squadron-1 (CRS-1) and Djiboutian Coast Guard met to conduct training, share maintenance strategies and trouble shoot an electrical issue onboard a Djiboutian vessel in the Horn of Africa, July 23.

Since the creation of the Djiboutian Coast Guard in 2010, CRS-1 Sailors have engaged with the Coast Guard on a regular basis to establish a host nation partnership.

The focus on this visit shifted when the two groups discovered an electrical connection component issue with the engines’ safety extinguishing system when working on one of the Djiboutian Coast Guard vessels.

“I was glad that we were able to assist the Djiboutians with this electrical connection issue,” said Engineman 1st Class Jason Shirbroun. “This could have been potentially hazardous if we did not discover the misconnected wires that lead straight to the emergency response fire extinguishing system.”

Since their Djiboutian Coast Guard acquired their fleet of vessels they have been focused on an ongoing learning evolution of learning how conduct the preventative maintenance.

“The 38-foot vessel is top of the line, and we want to see our neighbors not only have the best but be able to keep it up to the highest standard to prevent any major issues that could keep them from performing their job,” said Construction Mechanic 1st Class Cody Roesener.

After several hours of working side by side, the team was able to successfully identify the discrepancy and administer the corrective action needed.

“We are very appreciative to have the opportunity to have the U.S. come out and work with us,” said Capt. Mohamed Adawa Mohamed, Djiboutian Coast Guard, deputy commander. “I hope that the friendship that we build by working together remains long lasting.”

Concluding the visit, leaders from both parties discussed the unique opportunity and growing need for the host nation partnership with ideas to learn how to better operate alongside on another in the future.

“Anytime we work with the Djiboutian Coast Guard, it provides us with a different perspective on how we operate,” said Capt. Alan Tubbs, CRS-1 mission commander. “Our mission here provides us with challenges that we couldn’t face without the Djiboutian Coast Guard’s support, and that is why it is so imperative we jointly train together.”

“Both sides have subject matter experts,” said Roesener. “Combining our knowledge is the only way that we will succeed in meeting our goals.”

CRS-1 is part of Coastal Riverine Group One (CRG-1), whose primary mission is to man, train and equip subordinate forces for tasking as assigned in the required operational capability and projected operational environment. The Coastal Riverine Force is the world's premier combat force for maritime security and riverine operations.