AREA II Volunteer of the Quarter recognized at ACS

U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan
Story by Pfc. Young Ho Jung

Date: 03.11.2014
Posted: 03.25.2014 02:02
News ID: 122486
AREA II Volunteer of the Quarter recognized at ACS

YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea – Capt. Krista Z. McBayne, Volunteer of the Quarter, was recognized for her service to the community during a ceremony held for her and other volunteers at the Army Community Services building, March 11.

Mcbayne, a pediatrician at the base hospital, volunteered her time and energy at local orphanages. She and fellow volunteers conducted fundraising and donation efforts raising $900 dollars and more than 400 gifts for the children.

Upon being distinguished as the volunteer of the quarter, McBayne expressed her reason for volunteering.

“The reason that I choose to volunteer is that it’s our duty to serve,” McBayne said. “It’s just a part of humanity. Sometimes we are in a better place than other and sometimes we’re not. So I think whenever we are in a position to help someone else, we should.”

“There are so many orphanages in Korea and by helping them I think it can show that the military community is not that far from you,” McBayne explained. “We always step forward to present the support and service that they might need. I’ve been blessed to be recognized for this, but I think there still are many people who secretly do amazing things for the community. Not just the volunteers, we all are somehow changing the people’s lives.”

Other volunteers who were recognized for their support to the community were Jeff Bernstein, Audrey Bowe, Andrew W. Clark, Robert Lamoureux, Charlene Dela Cruz, Kris Lopez, Master Sgt. Christino S. Moreno, Spc. Corey S. Nenno, Melanie Nenno, Spc. Keith C. Pretlow, Ederlaida A. Ritter and Amye Turner.

Col. Michael E. Masley, garrison commander for U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, provided some words of encouragement to the group of volunteers.

“It’s very difficult to judge the amazing work that you did with just money and time,” Masley said. “What you do, we can’t put a dollar figure to it. The important thing is that it’s not about the money. What’s important is that you make things happen. Without you, there are many actions in this garrison that couldn’t have been taken. I very much appreciate the effort that you’ve put in not just as a garrison commander, but as a member of this community. Today is an opportunity to say thank you for the sacrifices that you’ve made for the community.”