Afghan security forces continue fighting in Nahr-e Saraj

Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan
Story by Staff Sgt. Richard Lower

Date: 01.10.2014
Posted: 01.10.2014 04:05
News ID: 118997

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan Commandos from the 7th Special Operations Kandak killed two insurgents during a mission to disrupt militants in Nahr-e Saraj district’s Shurakay village Jan 2-4.<br /> <br /> Commandos chose to carry out the operation in Shurakay, a remote farming village, because insurgents use the village to produce and ship homemade explosives, reported the Commandos. These bombs are then used in attacks against Afghans traveling along nearby highways.<br /> <br /> During the mission, insurgents attacked the Commandos using machine-gun fire. The soldiers returned fire killing two of the attackers and injuring one as the rest retreated. <br /> <br /> “The Taliban’s attacks in Nahr-e Saraj are destabilizing peace in the area,” said 7th SOK Commander Lt. Col. Mohammed Zeibiullah. However, the Commandos are determined to continue stabilizing the area. <br /> <br /> The Commandos arrested a suspected insurgent after finding a small weapons cache in his care. They confiscated a rocket-propelled grenade launcher with several rounds and an assault rifle.<br /> <br /> The suspect is in custody of National Directorate of Security officials and Afghan Local Police.<br /> <br /> “The Commandos, NDS and ALP working together will expand safe zones in [the district],” said Zeibiullah, commenting on how the mission combined with Saymand Hekmatullah’s, district police chief, efforts will bolster security in Nahr-e Saraj.