Tees, Trees, Military History

Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow
Story by Lance Cpl. Samuel Ranney

Date: 12.15.2013
Posted: 12.16.2013 14:06
News ID: 118277
Tees, Trees, Military History

Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif., is located in the vast Mojave Desert … in the midst of all the sand and cacti, one may be surprised to come across a tree-filled, luscious nine-hole golf course. <br /> <br /> The Tees and Trees Golf Course, located right outside of the base, is just that -- a green, nine-hole course filled with military veterans but open to the public, year round from sunup until sundown, explained Kenneth Herris, league clerk at the course.<br /> <br /> Herris, who has worked at Tees and Trees for more than a decade, described the course as being challenging yet relaxing and good for beginners to work on their skills. <br /> <br /> “A lot of us here golf and are more than happy to offer lessons,” he added. “It’s always good to get new talent out here.”<br /> <br /> Most of their customers are former service members, but Herris encourages active duty Marines and soldiers to pick up a new sport and possibly learn a thing or two from the veterans. <br /> <br /> The golf course also provides a local, affordable place for service members to pass their time in the High Desert. <br /> <br /> Herris explained the first four active duty service members to come in each day, golf for free. After that, depending on rank, active duty service members get discounts.<br /> <br /> Prices for a nine-hole game are as follows:<br /> <br /> • E1-E5 - $5<br /> • E6-O2 - $7<br /> • O3-O10 - $8<br /> • Civilian - $9<br /> • 18 years-old and under - $3 <br /> <br /> Sergeant Joel Richards, training noncommissioned officer on MCLB Barstow, is one active duty Marine here who takes full advantage of what the course has to offer. <br /> <br /> “I come out here to golf as often as possible … usually about four times a week,” said Richards. <br /> <br /> Richards, who has been golfing for more than 12 years, explained it’s a great course to sharpen up one’s skills. <br /> <br /> The Westin, WV native, further explained Tees and Trees, and golfing in general, is a great way for Marines to relax.<br /> <br /> “It helps me deal with stress,” explained Richards, who has been on multiple combat deployments. “I have a lot of anxiety and it helps calm me down.” <br /> <br /> Like Herris, Richards also encourages other Marines to try out the golf course. <br /> <br /> “The majority of the guys out there are veterans … they all understand what it’s like to be in the military,” said Richards. “It’s a great place for any Marine to golf, relax and share stories with veterans.” <br /> <br /> For more information about lessons, club rentals, or leagues, call the Tees and Trees Golf Course at 760 – 577 – 6431.