Sweathogs operate from Ft. Stewart

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort
Story by Cpl. Brady Wood

Date: 12.13.2013
Posted: 12.13.2013 16:35
News ID: 118211
Sweathogs operate from Ft. Stewart

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 constructed a helicopter landing zone at Canoochee Airstrip in Ft. Stewart, Ga., Dec. 2-11.<br /> <br /> To prepare for the exercise, the Sweathogs identified each company’s responsibilities and offered training based on training goals. <br /> <br /> At the beginning of the week, after setting up their forward operating base, Marines began their simulated deployment. <br /> <br /> “At the beginning of the week, some mistakes were made,” said Cpl. Michael Alfaro, a training clerk for MWSS-273. “However, once they were fixed, things got much better.” <br /> <br /> According to 1st. Lt. Michael Yevon, the company commander for Headquarters and Service Battalion of MWSS-273, mistakes are where the biggest training values are gained. <br /> <br /> “We learned what corrections needed to be made in the future to become more proficient,” said Yevon. <br /> <br /> MWSS-273 conducted improvised explosive device training, simulated Forward Operating Base attacks and trained on how to repair a base after an attack. <br /> <br /> During IED training, Marines learned basic patrolling techniques, as well as, how to neutralize IEDs. <br /> <br /> Later in the week, the squadron practiced responding to simulated attacks on their forward operating base. <br /> <br /> Following the assault on the base, Marines used training from earlier in the week to repair the base after the attack. <br /> <br /> Since there are over 70 military occupational specialties within MWSS-273, the training helped the squadron come together and complete all mission-essential tasks. <br /> <br /> On Dec. 5, the Sweathogs began construction of helicopter landing zones as training for a deployed environment and for use by Ft. Stewart during future operations. <br /> <br /> The Sweathogs often work with many units when deployed due to a high operational tempo. <br /> <br /> “It’s better to sweat now than bleed later,” said Alfaro. <br /> <br /> From the initial setup of the Forward Operating Base to the base recovery after attack and helicopter landing zone construction, the partnership benefited both Ft. Stewart and MWSS-273.