SMA visits JBM-HH

3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment “The Old Guard”
Story by Staff Sgt. Luisito Brooks

Date: 12.03.2013
Posted: 12.03.2013 21:10
News ID: 117686
SMA visits JBM-HH

JOINT BASE MYER-HENDERSON HALL, Va. - Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler III, and his wife, Jeanne, visited with service members, Department of Defense civilians and families on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Va., Dec. 3. <br /> <br /> During his visit, Chandler held an interactive discussion about Army policies, professionalism, and character, and answered a few questions at Conmy Hall. He also addressed major issues facing the Army today, like suicide, hazing, and sexual assault.<br /> <br /> “The first line in the Creed of the Non-Commissioned officer says ‘No one is more professional than I,’” said Chandler. “It is one of the most important lines and we need to live up to it.”<br /> <br /> He explained if soldiers would help one another and keep each other accountable, many problems that soldiers face could be avoided. <br /> <br /> Chandler spoke to the crowd about policies that affect all soldiers; he even talked about individual goals and progression as the Army continues to downsize.<br /> <br /> With the ongoing Army-wide drawdown, promotions are an important topic and soldiers can still distinguish themselves in many ways, said Chandler. Gaining a civilian education or going to drill sergeant school or being a recruiter are all ways to take that next step, said Chandler. <br /> <br /> At the end of the discussion period, Chandler took time to recognize 12 soldiers and three Department of Defense civilians for exceptional duty. <br /> <br /> One of the soldiers, Spc. Cameron Southhall, illustrator, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, said the discussion was short but very impactful.<br /> <br /> “Everything he said was right on target,” said Southhall. “I am glad to serve my country when I know that our leaders have our best interests in mind.”<br /> <br /> Southhall added how approachable and eager Chandler was to share his knowledge.<br /> <br /> “He has been in the Army longer than I’ve been alive,” said Southhall. “His experience is really priceless.”<br /> <br /> Chandler stayed after for photos before making a trip to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery, Va.<br /> <br /> “Seeing these men and women make me proud”, said Chandler. “They are the future of this Army.”