SFS train, build relationships

379th Air Expeditionary Wing
Story by Master Sgt. David Miller

Date: 11.22.2013
Posted: 11.22.2013 08:10
News ID: 117209
SFS train, build relationships

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION - U.S. Air Force security forces personnel assigned to the 379th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron came together with host nation counterparts to strengthen their working relationship with training and camaraderie in Southwest Asia, Nov. 19-21.

The training devised by the 379th ESFS focused on common tasks that were inherent to both groups, expanding familiarity and reinforcing the commitment to security forces practices.
The first day of training was classroom based, and while language barrier was initially a roadblock, but with interpreters ready to translate, that hurdle was overcome.

Tech. Sgt. Darryle Masnayon, a 379th ESFS fly away security team coordinator and with 19 years of civilian law enforcement experience in Guam was a key trainer for the event.

“We were highly motivated and so were our host nation counterparts to conduct training but also build a stronger partnership,” said Masnayon who is deployed from the Guam Air National Guard and hails from Guam. “The training went from a crawl, walk, run in a short period of time, and we met all of the objectives.”

The second day of training included handcuffing and search techniques, building entry and clearing procedures, and danger crossing techniques.

“There are a lot of similarities in our training and we are growing relationships with our host nation partners,” said Tech Sgt. Christopher Willson, 379th ESFS training NCO in charge, deployed from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, and a Conway Springs, Kan., native. “In the future, the training may be quarterly or even monthly.”

The final day culminated with an exercise to evaluate the newly acquired skills and knowledge passed between both groups.

“The training went from a crawl, to a walk and then a run in a short period of time and they did a great job,” said Masnayon.
The host nation counterparts thanked the 379th ESFS leadership and training staff at the conclusion of the training and are eager for additional training in the future.

“It’s all about partnerships but more importantly relationships,” said 1st Dexter Binion, a 379th ESFS supply and plans and programs officer who is serving a one year tour and hails from Cheyenne, Wyo. “From a security forces standpoint of defending the base and Air Force assets, we know we are on a host nation base and we want to tie in as many joint operations as possible with our host nation counterparts.”