Stryker War-Fighter Summit held at JBLM

5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Story by Sgt. Christopher Prows

Date: 11.15.2013
Posted: 11.18.2013 19:03
News ID: 116969
Stryker War-Fighter Summit held at JBLM

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. - Leaders from various Stryker units gathered at the Stryker Leader Summit at the I Corps Headquarters Nov. 15 to discuss the capabilities and future of the vehicle.<br /> <br /> According to Lt. Gen Robert Brown, commanding general, I Corps, the ability to share the ideas on training is extremely important, especially with the changes the Stryker community has coming in the future.<br /> <br /> During the one-day summit, troops listened to experts, witnessed the evolution of the Stryker and viewed five different configurable Stryker vehicles. <br /> <br /> “The forum provided newer members of the community the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge on new equipment,” said Maj. Juan A. Vega, executive officer, 404th Army Field Service Battalion.<br /> <br /> Developed in 2000, the Stryker family of vehicles allows units to quickly insert troops into any area of operation. Though originally produced with a flat bottom hull, one of the main points of discussion during the summit was the double V retrofitting that began in 2010.<br /> <br /> According to David Dopp, project manager, Stryker Brigade Combat Team, double V hulls provide the troops inside the vehicle with increased blast protection from a detonation.<br /> Another point of the summit focused on the future of the older flat-bottom Stryker vehicles. The better protection afforded by the double V Strykers has rendered the flat bottom version obsolete. <br /> <br /> However, budgeting constraints are affecting the effectiveness of creating a better vehicle for rapid deployment of troops at the front lines, said Col. Chuck Heimann, Department of the Army, Land and War Net. <br /> <br /> Therefore, the Army is saving money by taking the current fleet of flat bottoms and stripping them of useful parts and assembled into a new double V hull structure, said Gordon Stein, vice president, Stryker Brigade Combat Team Programs. <br /> <br /> “This creates a 30 percent cost effective swap,” he added.<br /> <br /> In addition, the panel discussed the future of the Stryker brigades. The Army of 2020 is going to incorporate a Brigade Engineer Battalion into current BCTs, said Capt. Stephen C. Von Jett, Dark Horse Company commander, 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment, Fort Benning, Ga.<br /> <br /> “The forum is the center gravity that goes a long way in synchronizing aspects of the community marching forward,” said Lt. Col. Kevin Ng, Canadian army.<br /> <br /> “[This] is the foundation of the Stryker program,” added 1st Sgt. Nathan Stone, Dark Horse Company first sergeant, 1-29th Inf. Reg. “The discussions will help push [us] into the future.”