Roadhouse to receive facelift, refocus on junior Marines and Sailors

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Date: 11.14.2013
Posted: 11.14.2013 09:20
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Cherry Point’s Marine Corps Community Services began renovations to the Roadhouse bar Oct. 28, hoping to give the establishment a completely new look and feel.

The goal of the Roadhouse is to provide a local place where junior Marines and Sailors can relax in a comfortable environment.

The Roadhouse, under used by residents of the air station over the past several years, saw its last facelift in 2008. By the end of February 2014, the facility will feature new amenities designed to cater to Cherry Point’s junior service members, according to Mike Largent, MCCS chief executive officer.

“It looked like a place for 50-year-olds,” said Largent. “Over the past five years or so, this facility has started looking quite worn.”
The renovations will come in two phases, with final improvements completed early next year, according to Largent.

Workers at the Roadhouse hope the improvements will help draw a larger crowd. Planned additions include new high-definition televisions, new furniture and an improved sound system. The Roadhouse will look and feel brand new, according to Alishia Zuniga, a bartender at the Roadhouse.

“We were outdated,” said Zuniga. “It really could use a good sprucing up, and from how it’s going, it’ll look great once it’s finished.”

Zuniga, who has been working behind the bar for the past two and a half years, hopes to see Marines frequent in the Roadhouse after the improvements are completed.

“The place is going to be completely modernized and have plenty space for everyone to enjoy themselves,” she said.

With all the new furniture, new 1080p high-definition screens, and a heart-pounding new sound system, the atmosphere will reflect more of a night club feel, according to Largent.

“The place is going to look and feel great,” said Largent. “And I say ‘feel’ because you’ll know this place is meant for you the second you step through the door and the music pounds you in the chest.”