NETC commander visits Center for Service Support

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Story by Chief Petty Officer Shawn Graham

Date: 11.05.2013
Posted: 11.06.2013 12:14
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NETC commander visits Center for Service Support

NEWPORT, R.I. - The commander of Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) visited the Center for Service Support (CSS) Nov. 5.

Capt. Mark Murphy, CSS commanding officer, provided Rear Adm. Donald Quinn an overview of training and conducted an all-hands call and awards ceremony with the command’s military and civilian team.

"Rear Adm. Quinn is able to see the full scope of the training we provide to the fleet’s future sailors, from basic skills to advanced training," said Murphy. “It’s always important to hear the boss’ perspective and listen to his thoughts about the job we perform. This was also a great opportunity to show the success of our blended team of sailors and stellar civilian employees."

As Quinn toured, Command Master Chief (SW/SCW/AW) Ray Rosado discussed the importance of CSS’s proficiency in training sailors who are heading to the fleet.

"We should give the fleet a sailor who is an apprentice and eventually over time they hone their skills and become journeymen and leaders,” said Rosado. “CSS and all its learning sites are very beneficial to the Navy's mission. We provide our students with the necessary skills they will use in their future jobs in the fleet. Our schools mold our Navy’s future. Nearly all of our students will succeed in their careers and they will fill critical roles at their permanent duty stations."

Quinn was impressed with the staff and their efforts to educate and mentor new sailors.

""I would like to start off by saying thanks to our sailor and civilian team," said Quinn. “I appreciate all the hard work you do every day with the 32,000 sailors in the Navy's various training pipelines. Fleet readiness has always been our priority. Even in this fiscally lean environment we must look for opportunities to invest in our future. We mustn't lose hope in making things better and we must continue to practice due diligence and prep work for success in the future."

Quinn also addressed sequestration concerns and its impact on the Navy.

"Look at the history of the Navy and our military," said Quinn. "We've downsized following World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War and even following Desert Storm we downsized from 600,000 to 400,000 sailors. Remind yourself that we downsized and survived. We must keep the faith and retain our capability. The Navy will continue to thrive."

CSS was established Feb. 7, 2003, in response to NETC’s initiative to address challenges in fleet training and to improve sailors' professional development products and processes. In streamlining the business of delivering training, NETC charged 15 learning centers like CSS with specific areas of naval training. NETC organized the centers around their functional areas and appropriately aligned schools and respective training sites to each center.

CSS and its learning sites provide sailors with the knowledge and skills needed to support the fleet's warfighting mission. More than 300 staff and faculty work hand-in-hand with the fleet and are dedicated to ensure training is current and well executed on behalf of 10,000 sailors who graduate from CSS courses annually in the administration, logistics and media communities.

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