Passage of a Continuing Resolution allows Fort Worth District to resume normal operations

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District
Story by Randy Cephus

Date: 10.17.2013
Posted: 10.17.2013 16:52
News ID: 115314

FORT WORTH, Texas - Today, the Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers received funding through the passage of a Continuing Resolution which will allow it to resume normal operations.<br /> <br /> The District had to scale back numerous operations since the government shutdown Oct. 1. Among the impacted operations were all the Fort Worth District-managed parks, campsites and hunting areas along with its regulatory program. <br /> <br /> Several logistical procedures which include call-back of furloughed personnel are required to fully reopen these facilities. The Corps anticipates a minimum of two to five working days before all facilities are fully reopened and operational. <br /> <br /> “We are very pleased that a Continuing Resolution was passed and look forward to resuming normal operations and bringing our furloughed personnel back to work,” said Col. Charles Klinge, commander, Fort Worth District. <br /> <br /> The Fort Worth District will provide listings and updates to the public on all impacted programs via public notices, social media and through our main District information line at 817-886-1306.