Afghan commandos detain 73 in Sayad Abad

NATO Special Operations Component Command-Afghanistan
Story by Staff Sgt. JaJuan Broadnax

Date: 09.28.2013
Posted: 09.28.2013 09:44
News ID: 114427

WARDAK PROVINCE, Afghanistan- Afghan commandos from the 2nd Special Operation Kandak detained 73 suspected insurgents Sept. 26 in Wardak province’s Sayad Abad district.

Commandos discovered several suspected insurgents during a routine clearing operation in Sra Kala village after inquiring about the local insurgency. The suspects were detained on the spot, following questionings and initial background checks.

The area is known for its insurgent activity, Capt. Masud Ahmadi, commander of the kandak’s 1st Company, said. Just last month, Afghan Commandos killed three enemy insurgents in Sayad Abad district and confiscated a 107 mm mortar, an improvised explosive device initiator and approximately 40 pounds of homemade explosives.

“The villagers living in the area were very pleased with our operation because we showed the enemy fighters that they are not welcome here,” Ahmadi said.

“Our mission is to destroy insurgent hiding places, to capture insurgents and eliminate those who are trying to destroy this country,” added Lt. Col. Ahmadullah Popal, 2nd Special Operations Kandak commander.

The detainees were transferred to the Sayad Abad district National Security Directorate for identification and further questioning. No civilians were injured, and there were no reported structural damages during this operation.