Transfer of Authority

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 28
Story by Petty Officer 1st Class John Banfield

Date: 09.18.2013
Posted: 09.26.2013 11:33
News ID: 114310
Transfer of authority

KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan -­ Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 15 transferred authority of Camp Toles to NMCB 28 during a morning ceremony at Kandahar Air Field, Sept. 18, 2013.

Cmdr.  Anthony  Spinler,  commanding  officer,  NMCB  15  and  Cmdr. Curtis  Smith,  commanding   officer,  NMCB  28  exchanged  salutes  before  command  master  chiefs  from  both  battalions   conducted  the  transition  of  the  Battalion  Equipment  Evaluation  Program  (BEEP)  to  signify  the   official  transfer  of  authority.  

Guests  of  honor  were  Col.  Nicholas  Katers,  commander,  Joint  Task  Force  (JTF)  Triple  Nickel,  and   Command  Sgt.  Maj.  Kevin  Bryan.       “As  part  of  Joint  Task  Force  Triple  Nickel,  NMCB  15  completed  more  than  53  construction   projects  across  the  theater,”  said  Katers.  He  added  that  34  of  those  had  been  top  priority   projects  in  the  past.      

“I’m  really  proud  of  my  Seabees,”  Spinler  said.  “We  tackled  some  very  difficult  projects  with  a   great  deal  of  pride.”  He  went  on  to  say  that  they  completed  most  of  their  projects  ahead  of   schedule.      

“The  major  runway  extension  at  Forward  Operating  Base  (FOB)  Ghazni  added  a  much  needed   intelligence,  surveillance  and  reconnaissance  capability  to  Regional  Command  East,  and  allowed   the  brigade’s  route  clearance  patrols  to  be  better  supported  while  on  mission,”  Katers  said.      

NMCB  15  poured  more  than  2,000  cubic  yards  of  concrete  to  extend  the  existing  runway  by   1,500  feet.    

Smith  said  that  it  will  be  a  privilege  to  serve  alongside  the  men  and  women  of  Joint  Task  Force   Triple  Nickel,  and  to  be  relieving  NMCB  15  who  has  just  completed  an  overwhelmingly   successful  deployment.      

Seabees  attached  to  NMCB  28  spent  three  months  at  Naval  Base  Ventura  County,  Port   Hueneme,  Calif.,  conducting  homeport  training  in  preparation  for  this  deployment.      

“We  could  not  be  more  prepared  to  support  the  mission  in  front  of  us,”  Smith  said.   "It  is  truly  an  honor  to  be  leading  a  fully  combat  ready  navy  construction  battalion  down  range."