Soldier of the Week: Spc. Galizzie M. Brown

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Date: 09.23.2013
Posted: 09.23.2013 12:26
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Soldier of the Week: Spc. Galizzie M. Brown

By Staff Sgt. Taikeila Chancey
Third Army/ARCENT Public Affairs

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. – This week’s Third Army/ARCENT Soldier of the Week is Spc. Galizzie M. Brown, of Headquarters Support Company. Brown is a food service specialist from Columbus, Ga. and joined the Army in 2010.

Q. What are your hobbies?
A. In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball, hanging out with friends and shopping.
Q. What do you enjoy doing most during your free time?
A. In my free time, I enjoy listening to old school 70s and 80s R&B. I’m a big fan of Guy and The Gap Band.
Q. What are your short/long term professional goals?
A. My short term goal is to get promoted to sergeant. My long term goal is complete my degree and become a warrant officer.
Q. When did you make the decision to become a soldier and why?
A. My close friend from back home was stationed at Fort Benning, Ga., after visiting her a few times I grew to like the Army lifestyle. I made the decision to join the Army in 2010.
Q. If you could take a vacation to a location of your choice, where would you go?
A. Jamaica, oh how I wish to be there! It’s beautiful; the music and the culture are amazing.
Q. What do you enjoy most about being a soldier?
A. I enjoy the appreciation I get from the civilians when they see me in uniform.
Q. If you could change one thing about the Army, what would you change and why?
A. I would change the same sex marriage policy, which was recently changed. I feel all love relationships should be recognized in arms.
Q. If you could hold a different position in ARCENT for one day, what position would you choose?
A. I would choose to be first sergeant.