Afghan Commandos kill three insurgents during combat operation in Helmand

NATO Special Operations Component Command-Afghanistan
Story by Staff Sgt. Osvaldo Equite

Date: 09.14.2013
Posted: 09.19.2013 10:30
News ID: 113905
Combat operation

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan commandos killed three insurgents and wounded several others during a three-day clearing operation that concluded Sept. 15 in Helmand.

Commandos of the 7th Special Operations Kandak attacked known insurgent locations to support the transition of a Village Stability Platform to Afghan security forces in the Nahr-e Saraj district.

More than 50 commandos conducted a ground assault into an area used to stage attacks against local police checkpoints, said a Commando leader, with the unit.

The commandos struck an improvised explosive device and came under heavy fire as they advanced into fighting positions.

They quickly setup over watch and defensive positions to repel multiple insurgent attacks for over six hours during the second day of the offensive.

This operation marked the first time commandos of the 7th SOK employed their 81mm and 60mm mortars during a unilateral combat operation, said the commando leader.

Insurgents attacked the commandos with shoulder fired rockets, machine gun, and mortars from more than 14 different locations, but the commandos killed three and wounded several insurgents, reported the commando leader. Many of the insurgents fled using forested areas for cover, he added.

The commandos demonstrated tactical proficiency by incorporating advanced mortar fires while coordinating maneuvers with dispersed fighting elements.

Commandos of the 7th SOK continue to show operational skill and demonstrate their ability to conduct independent operations.