Afghan commandos detain 20 suspects in Kunduz province

Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan
Story by Staff Sgt. JaJuan Broadnax

Date: 09.15.2013
Posted: 09.15.2013 10:08
News ID: 113669

KUNDUZ PROVINCE, Afghanistan- - Afghan commandos detained 20 suspected insurgents during a clearing operation Sept. 14 in Kunduz province’s Chahar Dara district.<br /> <br /> The 5th Special Operation Kandak’s 1st Company conducted a clearance operation after increased enemy activity in and around the district’s Nowabad village. <br /> <br /> Two local residents were injured the previous day when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb intended for Afghan National Security Forces patrolling the area. Also, that day, Afghan Local Police were attacked at a nearby checkpoint. <br /> <br /> The detainees were turned over to the Chahar Darah Afghan National Police and National Directorate of Security. No shots were fired during the operation.<br /> <br /> There were also no reports of Afghan military, civilians or suspected insurgents injured during the operation.