Afghan Local Police repel insurgents in Sayadabad

NATO Special Operations Component Command-Afghanistan
Story by Staff Sgt. Opal Vaughn

Date: 09.13.2013
Posted: 09.13.2013 11:57
News ID: 113606

WARDAK PROVINCE, Afghanistan- Afghan National Security Forces and Afghan Local Police guardians repelled an insurgent attack on a checkpoint Sept. 13 in Wardak province’s Sayadabad district.

At least 10 armed militants opened fire the joint Afghan force as they patrolled Malikel village. Insurgents used shoulder-fired grenades and machine guns. ANSF and ALP immediately returned fire and quickly forced the enemy fighters to retreat.

“Afghan Local Police are the main pillar that supports our security, safety and happiness without discrimination,” said ALP Interior Minister Director Brig. Gen. Ali Shah Ahmadzai. “ALP protects checkpoints to support the well-being and security of the people and our government.”

With the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s recent announcement of Tranche 5/ Milestone 2013, Afghan National Security Forces are irreversibly taking the lead for Afghanistan’s security.

There were no reports of Afghan military, civilian or insurgent casualties from the operation.