Soldier spotlight: Meet Pvt. Whitley Watkins

ISAF Joint Command
Story by Staff Sgt. Daniel Wallace

Date: 08.06.2013
Posted: 08.06.2013 03:21
News ID: 111399
Meet Pvt. Whitley Watkins

Name: Whitley Watkins
Duty title: Service desk technician
Unit: III Corps
Home: Fort Hood, Texas
Age: 23
Hometown: Perry, GA
Joined the military: August 2011
Basic training location: Fort Jackson
MOS: 25L cable systems installer
Education: Currently attending college
Marital status: Single
Children: 0
Activities/hobbies: Playing basketball and hanging with friends
Favorite movie: Love & Basketball
Favorite TV show: My Wife & Kids
Favorite band: N/A

Favorite thing about the military: The learning experiences they have to offer. The many things they teach you.

What I've learned being a Soldier: I have learned a lot from being a soldier. I learned to stay motivated and to never give up on something you really want.

What inspires you to be a soldier: I am inspired to help people. I love helping people and want to find better ways to help.

How many times have you been deployed and what years/locations? This is my first deployment.

What's this deployment been like for you? Being around my III Corps family has made it really good. I love all of my battle buddies and will do anything for them.

What do you enjoy most about your deployment and the mission you're supporting? Getting to serve my country is what I enjoy. I love where I am working. I get to meet a lot of people other countries. They are awesome to work with.

What do you miss most about Fort Hood and your family? I miss everything about Fort Hood and the awesome food. I miss being able to go to my family when I am down and they are there to make my day better and take me shopping.