7th ESB Marines role-play as insurgents during 13th MEU night raid

1st Marine Logistics Group
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Date: 07.24.2013
Posted: 07.24.2013 11:31
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7th ESB Marines role-play as insurgents during 13th MEU night raid

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. - <br /> <br /> The exercise was part of the Composite Training Unit Exercise, a pre-deployment exercise for carrier strike groups, before departing for a six-month deployment. The exercise will evaluate the Boxer Amphibious Ready Group’s ability to conduct integrated military operations at sea in realistic training environments to further refine their skills.<br /> <br /> As part of the training evolution, role-players from 7th ESB deployed simulated improvised explosive devices and concertina wire around and inside buildings at Bravo-3 combat town to provide infantrymen attached to the 13th MEU an immersive and realistic experience.<br /> <br /> “We are guarding this whole town and we’re supposed to defend our area,” said Cpl. Kyle E. Tassinari, a squad leader with Bulk Fuel Company, 7th ESB. “We’ve got simulated traps like heavy explosives and trip wires.”<br /> <br /> The role-players waited well into the evening to commence their ambush and eventually fired upon amphibious assault vehicles approaching the area. The 13th MEU infantry dismounted and the night raid commenced.<br /> <br /> The Marines of 7th ESB believe the training is not only beneficial for the 13th MEU, but for themselves as well.<br /> <br /> “We role-play the opposition’s side so it helps us know (what it’s like to be) our enemy,” said Tassinari, a native of Palmer, Mass.<br /> For some Marines with less deployment experience, the exercise was a nice change of pace.<br /> <br /> “(I’ve never really seen) anything like this since I’ve never deployed,” said Lance Cpl. Kelly A. Usher, a bulk fuel specialist with 7th ESB. “It was very different and very educational. In case anything happens on patrol, this exercise gives us experience.”