Soldier spotlight: Meet Staff Sgt. Michael Allen

ISAF Joint Command
Story by Staff Sgt. Daniel Wallace

Date: 07.19.2013
Posted: 07.19.2013 08:14
News ID: 110456
Soldier Spotlight: Meet Staff Sgt. Michael Allen

KABUL, Afghanistan - Name: Michael D. Allen<br /> <br /> Duty Title: ISAF Joint Command Facilities Manager <br /> <br /> Unit: C. Co, HHBN, III Corps<br /> <br /> Home Station: Fort Hood<br /> <br /> Age: 29<br /> <br /> Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.<br /> <br /> Joined the military: June 9, 2005<br /> <br /> Basic Training Location: Fort Benning<br /> <br /> MOS: 25Q<br /> <br /> Education: Going to school to obtain my associates degree in applied technologies<br /> <br /> Marital Status: Married<br /> <br /> Children: 3, (12) Makalya, (3) Adrian, (1) Brandon<br /> <br /> Activities/Hobbies: Basketball, big time Lakers fan<br /> <br /> Favorite movie: Paid in Full<br /> <br /> Favorite TV show: The Following<br /> <br /> Favorite band: Tupac, DMX, Kanye West<br /> <br /> Favorite thing about the military: Being to different countries you realize in the next 10-15 years you will be a part of history.<br /> <br /> What I've learned being a Soldier: Nothing is as bad as it seems.<br /> <br /> What inspires you to be a Soldier: The appreciation I receive when I am wearing this uniform.<br /> <br /> How many times have you been deployed and what years/locations? 4 Deployments 06-07 Afghanistan, 08-09 Iraq, 10-11 Afghanistan 13-Current Afghanistan<br /> <br /> What's this deployment been like for you? Very Stressful, but I’ve been able to maintain a new learning experience.<br /> <br /> What do you enjoy most about your deployment and the mission you're supporting? Getting to work with the coalition forces. <br /> <br /> What do you miss most about Fort Hood and your family? Miss playing with my kids and seeing them smile.