Lt. Col. Julie Ann Aksamit assumes command of the 314th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion

311th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)
Story by 1st Lt. Fernando Ochoa

Date: 06.02.2013
Posted: 07.06.2013 20:58
News ID: 109806
Lt. Col. Julie Ann Aksamit assumes command of the 314th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion

LAS VEGAS – Lt. Col. Julie Ann Aksamit, of Lincoln, Neb., assumed command of the 314th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, June 2, in a change of command ceremony at the Thunderbird Hangar on Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.

Col. David Daniels, commander of the 650th Regional Support Group, was present to transfer the unit colors to Aksamit from Lt. Col. David Eclips, who has led the battalion for two years.

Aksamit, a military intelligence officer, is a graduate of the University of Nebraska where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. She also holds a master’s degree in forensic science from Nebraska Wesleyan University.

The ceremony began with the traditional ceremonial pageantry. The standing units were summoned to order arms. The audience stood for the presentation of the colors and honors, and the units were brought to present arms, then to parade rest. Then, the official party made an inspection of the troops. These displays of uniformity were executed with discipline and precision.

Eclips thanked everyone present, especially the soldiers of the battalion for their contribution to his command. He gave special thanks to former mentors and encouraged two officers he had personally commissioned.

“It was an honor being your commander, but you’ll be seeing me around,” said Eclips, with a wink and a smile.

This comment refers to the fact that he will go on to be the executive officer of the 650th RSG.

Aksamit was enthusiastic and energized as she accepted the 314th CSSB command. She thanked the soldiers and distinguished visitors for their presence.

“I am happy to be your new commander,” said Aksamit. “I feel privileged to end my career at such a fine unit.”

In the center of the hangar, the formal transfer of authority and responsibility for the unit took place.

The command sergeant major, who is the keeper of the colors, passed the colors to the outgoing commander. He then passed the colors to the representative of the higher command, symbolizing the relinquishment of his command.

The higher commander then delivered the colors to the new commander.

Finally, the new commander passed it back to the command sergeant major, who is charged with protecting it. At the end of the ceremony, the commander of the higher command ordered the new battalion commander to take charge of her battalion.

The mission of the 314th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion is to provide mission command of all assigned and attached units of the combat sustainment support battalion as it operates logistics hubs of supply, transportation, and maintenance support to the sustainment brigade and supported brigade combat teams.