2nd Marine Division Band lights up stage for July 4th

II Marine Expeditionary Force
Story by Pfc. Joey Mendez

Date: 07.03.2013
Posted: 07.03.2013 16:24
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2nd Marine Division Band lights up stage for July 4th

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - In celebration of July 4th the 2nd Marine Division Band held a concert at the Base Theatre aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, July 2. <br /> <br /> The musical performances included both the Ceremonial Band and their rock band named Three Round Burst.<br /> <br /> After three months of preparation the band showed up and surprised the whole crowd with their talent, getting ear-to-ear smiles and thundering cheers in return. <br /> <br /> “I loved the performance. It wasn’t just the typical music that you are used to hearing for a Fourth of July concert,” said Adrienne Hunt from Adamstown, Pa., the wife of a band member, as well as a former band member herself. “The music was very relatable to this time with the pop and rock music.”<br /> <br /> “We put in different styles, different venues and different components of the band and had them come together to make a more involved production,” said Staff Sgt. Steven J. Baltzer, the rhythm section chief and Strasburg, Pa., native.<br /> <br /> Having fans, friends and family members leave the performance happy is a big stress reliever for the band members. <br /> <br /> “On the stage I’m thinking about how the fans will perceive the music and what will happen if I were to mess up,” said Cpl. Jacob Reeves, a piccolo player from Dexter, Mo. “So, seeing them cheer and smile is a pressure release at the least. It’s such a great feeling, I have to make sure I can maintain my bearing.”<br /> <br /> The amount of time spent preparing and worrying is all worth it for the Marines and they allow it to fuel them.<br /> <br /> “You’re finally there, it’s like game day; it’s always fun,” said Baltzer.<br /> <br /> Playing music for Independence Day gives Reeves a feeling that he doesn’t get every performance. <br /> <br /> “Playing for the Fourth of July is very rewarding for me and at the same time humbling,” said Reeves. “It’s an honor. I do it for the Marines who have served before me and who are currently serving.”<br /> <br /> Reeves isn’t the only band member who has a special feeling performing this time of year. <br /> <br /> “I am proud whenever I play for July 4th,” said Baltzer who played for the Fourth of July a total of four times. “It’s always a spark of patriotism.”<br /> <br /> Through all of the ups and downs the Marines know their main goal is to send all of their fans, friends and family home happy. <br /> <br /> “I was very impressed with the overall performance,” said Hunt.