2013 Army Best Warrior Competition- Learning from the best

U.S. Army Reserve Command
Story by Cpl. Jeff Shackelford

Date: 06.28.2013
Posted: 06.28.2013 12:34
News ID: 109478
2013 Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition

FORT MCCOY, Wis. - Sgt. Blayne A. Peterson, Combat Medic, 5502nd U.S. Army Hospital, Army Reserve Medical Command, Obart, Ind., native of Winamac, Ind., is representing his unit at the 2013 Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition June 23-28.
Peterson joined the military like many others in his family before him. He has been in the Army Reserve for four years and plans to stay until he retires.

“The military is a family heritage, said Peterson.
Both my brothers have served. They are veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Between the three of us we have 50 months overseas experience. Both of my grandfathers have served, one in World War II and the other In Korea.”

When Peterson is not in uniform, he is a physician substitute at Saturn Biomedical, a blood and plasma collection center, where he specializes in the collection of normal source plasma and various antibody programs for research. He attributes the Army for aiding him in building work ethic and he said he is glad to be a soldier.

“The Army has given me values and skills that I can carry into my Civilian career.” said Peterson. “Being a soldier one day and a civilian the next is very challenging and rewarding.”

Peterson thrives on challenges and training experiences, and that is one of the reasons why he decided to compete in the Best Warrior Competition.

“I wanted a challenge, a kick, an adrenalin rush you can only get from a competition like this,” said Peterson. “To be able to come here and get time on the range and doing things like Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUNT) training is rewarding in-and-of-itself,” said Peterson.

Throughout his Army career, Peterson has been eager to learn and challenge himself to be the best he can be and continue his family tradition.