Army Reserve soldier trains to teach and lead

U.S. Army Reserve Command
Story by Sgt. Carina Garcia

Date: 06.27.2013
Posted: 06.27.2013 14:46
News ID: 109392
2013 Army Reserve Best Warrior

FORT McCOY, Wis. - Army Reserve Spc. Mitchell Fromm, represents the 428th Engineer Company, Wausau, Wis., at the 2013 Army Reserve Best Warrior competition at Fort McCoy, Wis.

“I chose to compete to test my skills and knowledge as a soldier,” Fromm said. “This competition represents the quality of soldier I strive to be and represents my pride in my unit.”

As a combat engineer, he volunteers for every training opportunity his unit has to offer, to include the Reserve Foreign Exchange Program. Fromm said he joined the military because he wanted to do everything, so he seeks out every class possible and accepts every opportunity forwarded to him.

“I want to learn and pass everything I can to everyone else, so as long as I keep advancing and doing new things I will stick it out for the long haul and make the Army a career,” Fromm said.

A native of Marathon City, Wis., and a firefighter with the Stevens Point Fire Department, Fromm is dedicated to working with the community. He has participated in numerous community outreach events, and spent one month in New York City during the Hurricane Sandy relief, which he contributes as being a huge turning point in his life. He was assigned to a key leadership role which helped him as an Army Reserve leader. Fromm also spent a week in New Orleans for the Hurricane Katrina relief and a summer working with handicapped children at the Wisconsin Lions Camp.

“I’m young and able bodied, so as long as I can share that I feel I have a responsibility to other people, and that is what definitely keeps me in the Army and fire department,” Fromm said with determination. “I have a responsibility to everyone else and I feel very strongly about that.”

Pursuing a bachelors with a double major in communications and health promotions, Fromm would like to be a group fitness trainer for any type of civil service job whether it be Army, police or firefighters.

“Those are the guys that need to be fit because they get that split second where it really counts and need to call on themselves and I would like to train them to that point both in the nutritional and physical aspects,” Fromm said. He also feels that the full body wellness comes from many components.

Seeking out training of all aspects can go hand-in-hand to provide a different outlook and perspective on how to lead and teach soldiers and coworkers in both the Army Reserve and civilian jobs.