Army Reserve engineers shed new light on training center

99th Regional Support Command
Story by Staff Sgt. Shawn Morris

Date: 06.18.2013
Posted: 06.22.2013 10:50
News ID: 109099
Army Reserve engineers shed new light on training center

TRENTON, N.J. – Nearly three-dozen soldiers from the Army Reserve’s 990th Engineer Company spent their annual training performing an LED-lighting retrofit at the Maj. Gen. William S. Stryker Army Reserve Center here from June 3-19.

This marks the first time the Army Reserve has used troop labor in a lighting retrofit project.

“We’re going to see a tremendous reduction in energy and energy cost for the Reserve Center,” explained Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kevin Henkel, project manager and plans officer for the Army Reserve’s 99th Regional Support Command.

Henkel estimates that the Army will save up to $250,000 by using troop labor, as well as another half-a-million dollars in energy and labor cost over the next decade.

“We had nightlights and emergency lights that didn’t exist, that now do exist,” Henkel said, “so it makes this facility safer at night and safer for everybody in the building.”

The project also allowed the soldiers to practice their job skills while creating an energy efficient and environmentally friendly facility.

“I hope the soldiers who are on this site take away pride from this project,” said 2nd Lt. Thang Trinh, project officer in charge and platoon leader with the 990th Engineer Company. “This is a very, very unique opportunity.”

The new, long-lasting LED lights are not only more energy efficient, but also better for the environment due to their lack of mercury gas and the minimal amount of wasted heat they generate.

“Not only did we reduce energy, reduce cost, increase safety, we’ve also reduced the energy requirements and electricity in the building, which reduces the likelihood of a fire in the building,” Henkel said.