Afghan Engineers continue to build in Eastern Afghanistan

8th Engineer Battalion
Story by 2nd Lt. Reanna Johnson

Date: 06.19.2013
Posted: 06.22.2013 08:11
News ID: 109093
Afghan National Army Engineers fill Hesco barriers for their Combat Outpost perimeter

LOGAR PROVINCE – The Afghan Army’s Engineer Coy of the 4th Kandak., 4th Bde., 203rd Corps finished construction of Combat Outpost (COP) Altamuur, June 8, to provide force protection to fellow Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) within the Logar province. The completion of COP Altamuur is the second independent construction mission successfully executed by this engineer coy within the last 30 days.

“The engineer coy leadership took the initiative and developed a plan of construction. They gathered all necessary materials, and moved their equipment to the job site,” said Staff Sgt. Michael Peterson, from Janesville, Mn., non-commissioned officer in charge of the 850th Eng. Company Mobilized Training Team, when reflecting on the ANA engineers’ execution of the mission.

Throughout the construction, the engineer coy provided constant site security to ensure the project would be completed without interruptions.

“The work went quickly, as they filled over 900 lineal feet of Hescos in five days for the perimeter of the COP,” stated Peterson. “This engineer coy is leading the way in the fight against enemies of Afghanistan by swiftly constructing fortifications for the sustainability of ANSF.”

The Engineer Coy is scheduled for more construction efforts this coming month.