Medically ready

U.S. Army South
Story by Staff Sgt. Ian Shay

Date: 05.14.2013
Posted: 05.18.2013 10:00
News ID: 107181
Medically ready

LAS MARIAS, El Salvador – It’s 10 a.m., soldiers have been working hard for two hours and are covered in sweat. The temperatures in Las Marias can quickly rise over 90 degrees, and Spc. Kristana Levit, a medic with the 144th Medical Detachment, San Diego has been busy ensuring the safety of the personnel on this site.

“The biggest thing is to stay hydrated,” said Levit. “I think that’s the running joke of medics is that we are always telling people to drink water, but it comes with a purpose because when your sweating you don’t realize that your body is getting rid of fluid and you need to replenish that.”

Medics constantly monitor soldiers for heat exhaustion on the construction sites for Beyond the Horizon.

For Levit, Joint Task Force Jaguar finally allows her the hands-on training she has been waiting for.

“It’s hard to practice battle drills and soldier skills at home on dummies or simulations, because you don’t get that first hand experience,” said Levit.

Even though Levit may not be physically constructing the schoolhouse with her own hands, here in the heat and humidity of Las Marias, her role is critical.

“We are providing medical support for our soldiers while they complete their mission building the school and making sure we’re following safety protocols, which ensures that the health and safety of our Soldiers,” said Levit.