62nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion brings camaraderie to the court

7th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Story by Sgt. John Healy

Date: 02.12.2013
Posted: 04.22.2013 12:20
News ID: 105615

FORT HOOD, Texas - Soldiers from the 62nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion charged onto the basketball court at the Abrams Physical Fitness Center on Monday ready to own the night.<br /> <br /> Following a quick warm-up, the starters took their positions around the center of the court, squaring up against the soldiers of A Company, 589th Brigade Support Battalion for their tenth intramural game this season.<br /> <br /> This game, hosted by the Abrams Physical Fitness Center, would prove to be a test of their strength not as individuals, but as a team.<br /> <br /> “We’ve got a lot of camaraderie, a lot of heart out here,” said Spc. Nicholas, C Co., 62nd ESB. “We come out here and play hard.”<br /> Pfc. Brejuan Maddox, a satellite communication systems operator maintainer in C Co., 62nd ESB, wearing number 15, threw himself into the fray, fighting ferociously to gain an early lead.<br /> <br /> His efforts were quickly undone as tempers flared within the first quarter following what they thought were a few unfavorable calls from the referees, causing the 62nd ESB to lose their composure, and with it, their hard earned foothold.<br /> <br /> The stigma of their setback hung about their necks throughout the first half, and the team entered the second half trailing 29-42.<br /> <br /> Sgt. Robert Sargent, a multi-channel transmissions system supervisor in C Company, 62nd ESB and the team’s coach, knew how to rally his players.<br /> <br /> His intensity spread throughout the team, and the 62nd ESB took the court for the second half with fire in their eyes.<br /> <br /> The team spent the next 15 minutes grinding through their opponents defense with purpose and determination, yet despite their best efforts they were still behind.<br /> <br /> With only a minute left, the scoreboard flashed 49-50, and the 62nd ESB stood on the verge of victory.<br /> <br /> The crowd screamed, the bench roared, and coach Sargent paced the sidelines with his eyes racing back and forth between the action on the court and the dwindling clock.<br /> <br /> The players sprinted up and down the court and flurry of shots went up, but with seconds on the clock, the 62nd ESB lost possession of the ball.<br /> <br /> The final score read 52-55, 589th BSB.<br /> <br /> Coach Sargent gathered his soldiers on the side of the court after the upset.<br /> <br /> “The first half we played bad,” Sargent admitted, pausing to let his words sink in. “I meant that. But when we played hard, what happened? We came to finish.”<br /> <br /> Following the coach’s words, the team relaxed, recovering from their intense push for a win. The players began to laugh over some of the howls that were coming from the bench.<br /> <br /> “I enjoy playing the sport,” said Pfc. Tyler Adams, a multi-channel transmission systems operator maintainer in C Co., 62nd ESB, accompanied by a lively grin. “Sometimes I let the passion get the best of me. I try not to, but it’s hard to contain.”<br /> <br /> Slowly the team begins to shuffle out to the parking lot, already discussing their upcoming game this Friday at 6 p.m.<br /> <br /> “It’s showing that we’re getting better cohesion within the unit, a lot of people are understanding each other,” said Adams. “We know how a certain person works so we can get them going so we can contribute to that and keep everybody motivated.”<br /> <br /> Adams reflects upon the game as the next two teams begin their warm-up.<br /> <br /> “It’s the same way in basketball. Once somebody gets hot, somebody feels a certain way, they may not want to be bothered but we come together and try and lift them up,” Adams said with conviction. “It was the same way with this; we had a marvelous second half. Whether you win or lose, you’ve got to come back with a fresh attitude.”