Afghan commandos Kill Taliban Leaders Nangarhar

NATO Special Operations Component Command-Afghanistan
Story by Sgt. James Walker

Date: 04.15.2013
Posted: 04.21.2013 09:18
News ID: 105558

NANGARHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army 1st Special Operations Kandak (SOK) commandos killed Taliban leader, Baraki Jamil Hamdullah Farooqi, two of his key subordinates, and uncovered a weapons cache during a unilateral operation in Bati Kot district, Nangarhar province, April 15.

The commandos conducted the operation to locate Farooqi and disrupt insurgent activity in Gundayn village.

“I am very happy with the result of the commando operation and greatly appreciate the security and support they have provided for the district,” said Bati Kot District Chief of Police, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Sharif Amin. “The result of this operation was an important step towards improving security for Highway 7 and the surrounding villages in the district.”

The 1st SOK also found a weapons cache consisting of three AK47s, two PKMs, and a rocket propelled grenade in a compound from where insurgents attacked them with small arms and machine gun fire.

The commandos killed 10 Taliban insurgents near the village and another 12 as they cleared the compound.

No civilian casualties or structural damage were reported during this operation.

Afghan National Army commandos are an elite group whose main purpose is to conduct high-risk missions to disrupt insurgency networks. The commandos conduct clearing operations that enable conditions for improved security, governance, and development in remote villages.

“We train very hard to ensure that we are an effective fighting force, capable of providing security for our people and nation,” said 1st SOK Executive Officer Maj. Amiri. “Before every mission, we plan and rehearse extensively because we prioritize the safety of innocent civilians. This way we are certain that we have done everything in our power to protect our people and not cause them harm.”