Army Aviation Brigade transfers resposibility in Kuwait

36th Combat Aviation Brigade (36th ID, TXARNG)
Story by Maj. Randall Stillinger

Date: 04.18.2013
Posted: 04.21.2013 09:16
News ID: 105557

CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait - A ceremony was held Thursday to commemorate the transfer of authority from the 35th to the 36th Combat Aviation Brigade.<br /> <br /> The traditional event is a visual symbol of the transfer from one command to another as one brigade’s guidon is cased for the trip home and the other is unfurled for the mission ahead. <br /> <br /> The 36th CAB has deployed to the Middle East with both UH-60 “Black Hawk” and AH-64 “Apache” helicopters to conduct security cooperation, joint exercises, and training. These partnership events promote security, stability, and mutual interests in the region.<br /> <br /> The 35th CAB of the Missouri Army National Guard is headed home after a tremendously successful nine-month deployment. The incoming brigade is from the Texas Army National Guard and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.<br /> <br /> When all subordinate units are in place, the 36th CAB will include Army National Guard units from seven states and an active duty battalion based Fort Hood.<br /> <br /> Brig. Gen. Charles L. Taylor, Army Central Command chief ofsStaff, said, “As you head home, you can hold your heads high for what you’ve accomplished here.”<br /> <br /> Col. Mark McLemore, commander of the 35th CAB, said, “To the soldiers of Headquarters Company, 35th CAB, the unsung heroes, it has been a pleasure and an honor to work beside you, and with you.”<br /> <br /> After casing his brigade guidon, McLemore said,”My work here is done. I leave this mission in great hands. I have absolutely no worries as you will take this mission and move it forward to great, new heights.”<br /> <br /> When contrasting this deployment with past combat tours, Col. Rick Adams, commander of the 36th CAB, said, “This is new ground for all of us in this cooperation/security/partnership realm of operating. Every one of us plays a role as ambassador as we move around the region.”<br /> <br /> “We are ready for this mission. My brigade is highly energized,” said Adams. <br /> <br /> With the transfer of authority complete, there was only one thing left to do: lower the Missouri flag in front of the brigade headquarters building, and hoist the Lone Star flag of Texas. The flag was then lowered to half-staff in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.