Coast Guards warns mariners of dangerous conditions near East Cathlamet, Wash.

U.S. Coast Guard District 13
Story by Petty Officer 2nd Class George Degener

Date: 04.15.2013
Posted: 04.15.2013 17:37
News ID: 105228

SEATTLE ─ The Coast Guard is warning mariners, Monday, that severe and increased shoaling in the southeast portion of Cathlamet Channel near East Cathlamet, Wash., from Little Island to Nassa Point is no longer safe to navigate, or mark with aids to navigation.
The Coast Guard has removed the following AtoN, and will delete the aids from the Light List and chart 18523:

Cathlamet Channel Buoy 5 (Light List Number [LLNR] 10543), Cathlamet Channel Buoy 6 (LLNR 10545), Cathlamet Channel Buoy 7 (LLNR 10550), and Cathlamet Channel Buoy 7A (LLNR 10551).

As a reminder, the Coast Guard publishes, and makes available for the public, a weekly Local Notice to Mariners. The Local Notice to Mariners is a publication that lists conditions of AtoN, and announcements for waterway safety. All Local Notice to Mariners, Light List, and other navigational information can be found on the Coast Guard’s web site at:

For more information contact Lt. Sean Morrision, chief of waterways at Marine Safety Unit Portland, Ore., at 503-240-2594.