Instructors show excellence, awarded Instructor of the Year awards

Marine Corps Installations East
Story by Pfc. Justin Rodriguez

Date: 04.04.2013
Posted: 04.10.2013 07:59
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Instructors show excellence, awarded Instructor of the Year awards

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Every military occupational specialty is taught by Marine Corps instructors. No matter the occupation or billet, these Marines have one of the most important jobs in the Marine Corps.

Col. Barry J. Fitzpatrick Jr., the commanding officer of the School of Infantry East, awarded 11 instructors as Instructors of the Year April 4 during the 20th Annual Instructor of the Year Luncheon at the United Service Organizations in Jacksonville for standing out amongst their peers.

“There’s a huge demand on our instructors,” said Fitzpatrick. “You’ve got to be an expert far beyond a Power-Point presentation to know what you’re talking to students about. Being able to make it into something they understand is great, it shows importance.”

The luncheon started in 1984, and only instructors from Camp Johnson attended the event. Now, Marines from all over Marine Corps Installations East attended and were awarded. Instructors came from the Infantry Training Battalion, the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, The Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Academy and more.

“The importance of the work these instructors accomplish is priceless,” said Fitzpatrick. “If you talk to any of these instructors, none of them will tell you they’re the best instructor. They’re all humble.”

Fitzpatrick explained the importance of the Marine Corps Instructor in any occupational specialty. He said junior Marines are dependent on these instructors.

“I just want everyone to understand how important these instructors are,” said John Reed, the chief executive officer and executive director of MainStreet. “Any opportunity you can give one of these instructors to thank them you should do it, they play a huge part in the Marine Corps.”

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