Twins reunite in Afghanistan after two year separation

3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (AA) Public Affairs
Story by Spc. Brian Smith-Dutton

Date: 03.25.2013
Posted: 03.28.2013 14:07
News ID: 104246
Twins reunite in Afghanistan after two year separation

PAKTIYA PROVINCE, Afghanistan - Family is and has always been considered one of the most important subjects within the Army.<br /> <br /> The Pagan twins are one example.<br /> <br /> U.S. Army Spc. Janice Pagan, an automated logistical specialist assigned to Forward Support Company, 1st Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team "Rakkasans," 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), was granted a 3-day pass to reunite with her twin sister at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan.<br /> <br /> "I am very excited to see my sister," said Janice. "After telling my family what is going to happen they are very happy as well."<br /> <br /> The twins have not been able to come together in more than two years due to being in different units within the Army.<br /> <br /> "It has been about two years since I last saw my sister," stated Janice. "She went to Germany and I went to Fort Campbell."<br /> <br /> "Both of us being in the Army as well as her being in another country made it hard to be home at the same time," said Janice.<br /> <br /> Shortly after being told of her trip to see her twin, Janice was overwhelmed with excitement and called her sister to tell her the news.<br /> <br /> "I got deployed in September and she got deployed in October," said Janice. "I never thought we would get to see each other in Afghanistan."<br /> <br /> When hearing the news, Janice's twin sister U.S. Army Spc. Janet Pagan, a unit supply specialist assigned to 72D Expeditionary Signal Battalion assigned to Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, could not believe she was being afforded the opportunity to see her twin.<br /> <br /> "I was so excited when I heard the news," said Janet. "Even my command is excited and happy for me to be able to see my sister."<br /> <br /> "I was able to tell my family that Janice was coming to BAF," said Janet. "They were so happy we were getting to see each other."<br /> <br /> Despite being in different units both sisters were deployed to eastern Afghanistan, separated by a mere, one-hour flight.<br /> <br /> In addition to enlisting in the Army together, both sisters worked at the same job facilities in their hometown of Tampa, Fla. <br /> <br /> "We both worked at an eye clinic back home," said Janice. "Janet was a transcriber and I worked an administration position."<br /> <br /> "We are those types of twins that do everything together," said Janet. "It was her idea, but I couldn't let my sister join the Army alone."<br /> <br /> "We were always doing everything together," said Janice. "We are not identical but a lot of people would confuse our names because we were always around each other."<br /> <br /> Immediately after seeing one another at the personnel transit terminal, both sisters hugged each other while trying to hold back tears of joy.<br /> <br /> In addition to looking very similar to one another the twins had also displayed their near perfected "twin talk."<br /> <br /> "We haven't done anything this big together since our Quincenera," both twins said at the same time.<br /> <br /> "We have to go shopping today," both twins declared.<br /> <br /> "Yes we do," agreed Janet. "We have always shopped together since we were kids."<br /> <br /> Despite being in a combat zone, the Pagan sisters enjoyed the time together they were afforded.<br /> <br /> "We were able to call our family together," said Janice. "It was a great feeling being able to call them with my sister."<br /> <br /> "It was as if we were never separated," said Janet. "We did everything we could together while my sister was here."<br /> <br /> "The only time I spent at BAF was on my way to my area of operations," said Janice. "It was exciting being able to see and do everything here with my sister."<br /> <br /> It was an extraordinary experience for both sisters, being able to spend quality time together while deployed.<br /> <br /> Both agreed, these couple of days will never be forgotten.