Community treats troops

300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Story by Sgt. Lisa Rodriguez Presley

Date: 03.19.2013
Posted: 03.23.2013 07:24
News ID: 104001
Community treats troops

FORT HUNTER LIGGETT, Calif. - For troops in the field it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Miles away from home and the creature comforts they are accustomed to, fresh baked cookies, courtesy of Paso Robles Albertson’s customers, brought smiles to many soldiers’ faces when Albertson’s employees passed them out during Warrior Exercise 91 13-01.

Several Albertson’s supermarkets participated in the effort to send cookies to troops and their families at military bases around California, but customers at Paso Robles showed their patriotic spirit by purchasing more than 3,000 bags of fresh-baked cookies for the troops.

The response was far greater than anyone had expected and store managers were overwhelmed by the community’s response.

“We were blown away by the generosity and concern that our customers displayed for the troops,” said Gary Mueller, Paso Robles Albertson’s Store Manager.

“People would come in and buy two or three bags at a time and some customers were buying a bag to donate every time they came in. Of all of the stores participating, no one came close to the amount of cookies donated by our Paso Robles customers.”

The cookies were delivered to the post and are being distributed by chaplains at the various camps throughout the installation, but the managers at Albertson’s took the time to personally deliver several boxes of cookies to soldiers at Camp Schoonover.

In appreciation for their generosity, managers of the store and their customers were recognized with a certificate by Brig. Gen. Jon D. Lee, Commander of the 91st Training Division and Col. Donna Williams, Garrison Commander of Fort Hunter Liggett.

“For solders miles away from home, living out in the dirt and the cold, things like this can really make a difference,” said Lee.

“This was such a thrill for us, seeing how something so simple brightened their day,” said Hawkes.

“Albertson’s and our customers appreciate what the military does for us everyday. This is just a small way that we can say thank you for all you do.”