CDC welcomes Mack, legendary Wells Fargo pony

24th Press Camp Headquarters
Story by Sgt. Ida Irby

Date: 03.14.2013
Posted: 03.21.2013 11:44
News ID: 103872
CDC welcomes Mack, legendary Wells Fargo pony

FORT BLISS, Texas -Wells Fargo Bank representative Tania Galvan-Jimenez donated one of their signature four-foot toy ponies to the East Bliss Child Development Center March 14.

The bank donates horses to celebrate the horse’s historic contributions to Wells Fargo in the community. This horse is named Mack.

“Wells Fargo has donated plush ponies to all the CDC’s on Fort Bliss,” said Galvan-Jimenez.

According to Galvan-Jimenez, in 1860, a Wells Fargo six-horse stagecoach delivered packages. In honor of a real horse that made up the original horse team, Mack is celebrated this year as part of the year-long celebration of 160 years of Wells Fargo community service.

“Oh it’s so beautiful; give [Mack] a hug,” said Elvia R. Walker, director of the CDC, to the pre-kindergarten age children who took turns mounting the pony for a test ride.

Wells Fargo has created 11 limited-edition ponies, each named after a historic delivery horse to commemorate their unique service. Designed in honor of a former delivery horse, Mack has a rich tradition of service. Horses like Mack helped banks to deliver money and goods to customers a century ago.

“Giddy-up, giddy-up,” the children yelled in unison as they played with the chestnut horse with white ankles and a brown bridle.

Strategically placed in the center’s lobby, children as young as six weeks old can play with the over-sized plush pony.

“The children will really enjoy the pony,” said Walker. “I would like for them to take turns taking [Mack] home as they do with other pets in the school.”

To donate supplies or toys to the CDC contact Pat Smith, Child and Youth School Services, at 568-5709.