Key Resolve Boots on the Ground: Pfc. Oh Tae Woong

106th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Story by Spc. James Pierce

Date: 03.16.2013
Posted: 03.19.2013 21:10
News ID: 103759
Key Resolve Boots on the Ground: Pfc. Oh Tae Woong

WARRIOR BASE, South Korea - Twenty-three-year old Pfc. Oh Tae Woong has been in the Republic of Korea army for five months. He currently works with the ROK Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense Command as an English interpreter. Before joining the ROK army, Oh was an English teacher at a private school.

Oh is from Chungnam, Gwangju here in South Korea, but also lived in Berkley, Calf., as a child. He likes the discipline the military has taught him.

“The ROK army has given me a lot of discipline,” Oh said. “I never used to get up before nine in the morning on the weekends. Here my sleep schedule is much better.”

Being in the army has taught him a lot of things, Oh said. One of the biggest is how to work well with others.

“The ROK army definitely teaches me how to get along with people who I don’t share similar interests with,” Oh said.

In his free time, Oh enjoys drawing portraits of his friends. Oh photographs his friends and then draws pencil sketches of them.

“Sometimes I like to draw people and give it to them as a gift,” Oh said.

Oh also enjoys an array of food, but his favorite food is pork intestine.

“It’s good, real good,” Oh said. “I like to grill it and cut it into little bite sized pieces.”