XVIII Airborne Corps commander visits Resolute Warriors

7th Transportation Brigade (Expeditionary)
Story by Sgt. Edwin Rodriguez

Date: 02.07.2013
Posted: 02.19.2013 13:26
News ID: 102223
XVIII Airborne Corps commander visits Resolute Warriors

FORT EUSTIS, Va. - Lt. Gen. Daniel B. Allyn, commander, XVIII Airborne Corps, visited commanders and troops of the 7th Sustainment Brigade, “Resolute” Feb. 7 for a first-hand look at the capabilities and strengths of the unit. He was greeted by Col. Jennifer Reinkober, commander, and Command Sgt. Maj. Tony Escalona, command sergeant major, of the 7th Sus. Bde., as Allyn embarked on the days’ events.

Allyn first addressed the brigade after an early morning ‘motivational run’ around Fort Eustis Lake.

“I am incredibly proud of this team. I was able to serve with you during the Haiti recovery effort a couple of years ago. I appreciate what you did in the middle of war to help people in need,” said Allyn. “You’re going to be as important to our nation tomorrow and the next day, as you were yesterday and today… your job is to serve your country and accomplish the mission you are given each and every day…we are the best Army in the world and we will stay that way.”

Later in the day, he met with dive team commanders attached to the Special Troops Battalion, 7th Sus. Bde. to talk about their valuable mission to the brigade. After Allyn got a first look at dive equipment, to include the standard decompression chamber, he made sure to recognize them with unit coins for all the work they do for the Army.

He then went to 3rd Port where he was greeted by some of the best and brightest in the Army watercraft field. There he spoke with soldiers as he toured a Landing Craft utility, Logistics Support Vessel and even skippered a small tug around the harbor.

His goal was to visit soldiers and he did just that. He shook hands and patted backs, thanking them for being in the world’s best Army. He was pleased to have visited the brigade, and was proud to have the opportunity to recognize so many “Resolute Warriors” for their outstanding achievements and contributions to our Army.

“For the soldiers we recognized today, I tell you it is a highlight of my career…You are doing more than expected which helps makes us the best Army’s in the world,” said Allyn. “I am proud to serve with you… I am proud in the job that you are doing and proud of every leader here who is committed to training soldiers so they can one day take over the job.”