3rd ID rocks its way out of theater

28th Public Affairs Detachment
Story by Sgt. Ashley Cohen

Date: 01.23.2013
Posted: 02.04.2013 04:09
News ID: 101426
Camp Buehring hosts 3rd ID rock band

CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait — The smooth strum of a guitar and steady beat of a drum overwhelmed the normal clink and clatter of lunch at Camp Buehring Dining Facility 1 as members of the 3rd Infantry Division rock band, Controlled Detonation, played live for diners Jan. 23.

“It was such a boost of morale walking into the DFAC and hearing the music. I really enjoyed myself,” said Spc. Chelci Holmes, supply specialist, 1st Battalion, 10th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division. “I definitely noticed more smiles around here than usual.”

The attendance of 3rd Infantry Division soldiers serving in Kuwait made the band’s visit to Camp Buehring more significant than most of their performances, said Sgt. Todd E. Gerlach, the lead guitarist in the band.

The concert served as the start of a finale for both 3rd Infantry Division soldiers who attended and members of the band as they prepare for their journey home.

“We’ve played for troops all over Afghanistan from different units, but to come back and play for some of our own is a very gratifying experience,” said Gerlach.

The 10-person group considers its music to be far from what is expected from an Army band, said Sgt. Thomas E. Lipscomb, drummer for Controlled Detonation. They typically play rock, country, and pop songs meant to be familiar to their audience.

“We hope this brings a little bit of home out here to them,” Lipscomb said about their music. “Nothing is better than being able to feel the crowd and hear them singing along. You can’t buy that excitement.”

The band stepped out of their normal groove to play “The Dog Face Soldier Song,” the 3rd Infantry Division song, as a tribute to their comrades.

“The best part of playing for 3rd ID troops is being able to lift-up the guys that we know,” said Gerlach.

The performance offered a taste of what was to come as they wrap up their tour through Afghanistan and Kuwait.

“This is our final hoorah and I can think of no better way to go out,” said Gerlach.