Become an Active-Reserve pilot

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Date: 02.01.2013
Posted: 02.01.2013 14:16
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Become an Active-Reserve pilot

NEW ORLEANS - Marine Administrative Message 054/13 announced Jan. 29, the qualifications and the process to apply to become an Active-Reserve aviation officer.

The AR aviation officer program aims to provide well trained and experienced Reserve pilots to serve as full-time support to Marine Forces Reserve. Selected officers will fulfill a variety of duties involving flight operation billets at Reserve aviation units and major Marine Corps commands and installations.

“The program provides readily deployable, combat-ready, flying squadrons able to easily integrate with, augment and reinforce the active component,” said Maj. Michael Wallace, future operations officer, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing.

Wallace also pointed out that the Reserve flying squadrons are staffed with more than 50 percent of the Marines serving on active duty from either the AR or active component.

The program is open to all aviators – active component and Reserve – and targets the ranks of captain and major, with higher priority given to those with fighter tactics instructor and division lead qualifications.

“You need those highly qualified pilots in the Active-Reserve Program because it is incumbent that they ensure Selected Marine Corps Reserve pilots maintain the required flight leadership and core skills proficiency,” said Wallace, who is also a member of the AR program. “These full time support pilots also ensure that the SMCR aircrew meets the standards while maintaining proficiency in mission skills sets and combat leadership.”

Applicants must meet all the requirements outlined in the MARADMIN, serve an initial three year-long tour and remain worldwide deployable during their tours.

All applicants must hold a Reserve commission or agree to accept a Reserve commission prior to serving in the AR. Selected officers for the program will be assigned to units based on billet availability and the needs of the Marine Corps.

An accession board is scheduled to convene Feb. 21. Completed applications, with all supporting documents are due to the board before Feb. 17 and must use the format found on the Reserve Affairs Personnel Manpower Branch website at:

Aviation officers selected by the board will access into the program no later than July 1. MARADMIN 054/13 and can be read at: