Retired Marine continues to serve and protect

Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow
Story by Lance Cpl. Norman Eckles

Date: 01.29.2013
Posted: 01.29.2013 18:46
News ID: 101211
Retired Marine continues to serve and protect

BARSTOW, Calif. - Due to his extensive knowledge and excellent work ethic, a recently retired gunnery sergeant of Marines has taken on a new role as a captain with the Marine Corps Police Department on Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif.

Charles E. MacNeil II, became the operations officer for the MCPD in November 2012, after 21 years of service in the Marine Corps.

When MacNeil enlisted in the Corps, he originally wanted to be a military policeman, but a Marine Corps regulation stated he had to be at least 19 years old. Instead, during his first enlistment, he served as an infantry rifleman. After a successful four year enlistment, MacNeil decided to get out of the Marine Corps for personal reasons. When he re-enlisted as a prior service member nearly a year later, he chose the military police field, thus beginning a 16 year career.

When he applied for the operations officer position, MacNeil underwent an intense screening process. The screening process consisted of interviews, completing a physical agility test, a psychological test, a full physical, and drug test.

The 16 years of experience as a military policeman was a plus, said Danny Strand, director of security and emergency services on the installation, who has worked with MacNeil for two and a half years.

During his service in the Marine Corps, MacNeil deployed to Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. On his last deployment, because of his superior leadership traits, he filled a first sergeant billet as a gunnery sergeant. Because of this opportunity and his increased responsibilities within a large company of Marines, he gained experience in the logistics realm, Strand added.

MacNeil explained during his military career, he was an operations chief for security forces, Military Police Company, 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, N.C., as well as the operations chief for MCLB Barstow.

Due to his experience, MacNeil not only qualified for the operations officer job, his responsibilities closely mirrored those he held in the Marine Corps. One of his responsibilities include making sure that there are enough police officers on duty for each shift. He also looks out for their welfare, scheduling conflicts and providing guidance and direction when needed.

MacNeil uses his skills as a leader and applies them with every police officer he has by taking care of them and sticking up for them, explained Lt. Amy Malinowski, the operations chief for MCPD Barstow.

MacNeil said when he was on active duty, he always fought for his people; he figured that his job was to be there for his Marines.

MacNeil has the same mentality as when he was on active duty. He comes to work early and does not leave until the mission is complete, explained Strand.

He is doing an amazing job, said Malinowski. “He is the best operations officer we have had in many years.”

He gives 100 percent in everything he does for the PD and has the ability to empathize with the police officers on duty. He understands them, and can relate to their issues because he has been in their shoes at one point, explained Strand.

As he continues his career in law enforcement, MacNeil will always have the Marine Corps mindset.

“When you have someone who has started from the bottom and worked their way through the ranks, you get a better product,” said Strand. “The police department on base is excellent.”

In his eyes, it’s the best in the Marine Corps.