Co. H shows improvement in final PFT

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego
Story by Lance Cpl. Bridget Keane

Date: 12.27.2012
Posted: 01.10.2013 18:59
News ID: 100223
Co. H shows improvement in final PFT

SAN DIEGO - Recruits of Company H, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, ran their final physical fitness test aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego Dec. 27

The PFT is an annual training event that Marines must complete once a year and is a graduation requirement for recruits.

"The PFT is designed to test physical fitness. It tests their agility, strength and endurance," said Staff Sgt. David Jimenez, chief drill instructor, Co. H, 2nd RTBn. "Everything in recruit training prepares them for the fleet and (the PFT) is an important training event."

A PFT is a combination of a timed three-mile run, a maximum set of timed crunches and a maximum set of pull-ups. Each recruit is expected to push themselves physically and mentally in order to receive a high score, explained Jimenez.

"(Drill instructors) try to express how important it is to get high scores on annual training requirements," said Jimenez. "High PFTs can lead to promotions and put you ahead of your peers."

In the first phase of recruit training, recruits run an initial PFT. Depending on their performance, recruits are able to recognize and focus on their weaknesses.

Co. H endured vigorous training that help build them mentally and physically and prepared them for other annual events such as the combat fitness test and PFT.

Before they ran their final PFT, recruits ran an inventory PFT, which allowed them to see where they stood physically, explained Jimenez.

"A lot of recruits noticed a difference in their performance from when they ran their first PFT," said Jimenez. “This gives them a gauge to see how much more (effort) they need to put forth.”

Co. H's final PFT began with pull-ups. Each recruit mounted a bar and did as many pull-ups as they could. After each recruit recorded the amount done, they lined up at the starting line for the timed three-mile run.

Each recruit’s run time was yelled out to them as they crossed the finish line. Once they cooled down, they performed as many crunches as they could for two minutes.

Throughout the PFT, drill instructors encouraged their recruits to give 100 percent.

As recruits finished and recorded their scores, most of them were surprised by their improvement.

"I barely passed my initial PFT," explained Pfc. Derek Lamiroult, Platoon 2171, Co. H, 2nd RTBn. "I only completed five pull-ups, 50 crunches and ran 24 minute three-mile."

Lamiroult's motivation to improve was the desire to finish first and not be last in any event. He pushed himself through each event and began to see improvement in his physical abilities.

“I'm proud of my progress,” said Lamiroult. “I spent my time pushing myself and saw an improvement in all three categories, mainly my run time which was 21 minutes."

The final PFT gives recruits a sense of their physical accomplishments as they reach the end of training.

"I've seen a big improvement in this series, from recruits doing less than seven pull-ups to them being able to complete 20. It really shows that they pushed themselves so they can improve," said Jimenez.

With a new sense of accomplishment and confidence in their physical fitness, Co. H endured their final challenge: a 54-hour field training exercise, the Crucible. They received their Eagle, Globe and Anchor on top of the Reaper at Edson Range aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif. Jan. 3.