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    Behind the Vermont National Guard's Iconic Logos: A Blend of History and Modern Design

    Mr. Daniel DiPietro

    Photo By Senior Master Sgt. Michael Davis | Mr. Daniel DiPietro stands in front of his Vermont National Guard logo design at the...... read more read more



    Story by Dan DiPietro 

    158th Fighter Wing

    Fresh out of Champlain College in 2005, Danny DiPietro found himself in an unexpected position: crafting a symbol for the distinguished Vermont National Guard. By most standards, DiPietro, with his limited professional experience at the time, seemed an unlikely choice for such a monumental task.

    Of course, youth has its advantages. Bursting with enthusiasm and undeterred by the gravity of his task, DiPietro's fresh perspective became his greatest asset. This unique blend of passion proved essential in creating an emblem that beautifully bridged Vermont's storied past with the present.

    While previous endeavors like the Green Mountain Guard Magazine provided DiPietro with some foundational insights, the creation of the logo demanded something deeper. He kept with him a little black book of design where he glued inspirational ideas and concepts. Among these was the NBA logo, which epitomized the simplicity and strength he aimed to capture. Inspired, he envisioned a silhouette-based emblem for the Guard, a nod to the Air and Army National Guard logos. By juxtaposing the classic imagery of the Minuteman against the vibrant Green Mountain Boy flag, then encapsulating it within a clear boundary, he ensured the design's distinctiveness.

    Senior Master Sgt. Michael Davis, public affairs superintendent for Vermont's 158th Fighter Wing, recalled, "When Danny unveiled the new logo during the redesign of the website, it immediately resonated with us. It wasn't just a logo—it was a symbol that captured the essence of our state's rich military heritage while looking forward to the future."

    Central to DiPietro's design were two symbols steeped in history. The Green Mountain Boys flag represents the bravery of the Green Mountain Boys Vermont's Revolutionary War past. Complementing this was the Minuteman, a figure embodying readiness and defense for the National Guard. Integrating these symbols, DiPietro sought to craft an emblem that paid homage to Vermont's military traditions and resonated with the state’s mission.

    Maj. Meghan Smith, the 158th Fighter Wing’s public affairs officer, noted, "DiPietro's work, especially the Vermont National Guard logo, has become an integral part of our identity. It's more than a design; it's a reflection of our history, our commitment and our ever-evolving mission."

    Amidst DiPietro's accomplishments was another significant contribution to the Guard's visual identity. Notably, he also designed an impactful logo for the Vermont Air National Guard (VTANG). Initially, the bold VTANG lettering featured an F-16 silhouette embedded in the "A". However, as the Guard transitioned from F-16s to the F-35A Lightning II, DiPietro updated the silhouette, ensuring the logo remained both modern and relevant for the new 5th generation aircraft. Even though these logos aren't official emblems, their widespread recognition within the Guard speaks volumes about their significance.

    Danny DiPietro wasn't just the creative mind behind the logo; he dedicated 22 years of service to the military serving both the Army and Air National Guard during that time, culminating in his retirement in 2022. He recalls that one of the proudest moments was when Brig. Gen. Michael Dubie coined him, an age-old tradition of recognizing soldiers and airmen, and the front of the then adjutant general’s coin had the very logo that he had designed so many years before. Dubie was unaware that he was standing in front of the logo’s designer.

    “Seeing my artwork passed back to me as recognition of my creative pursuits within the guard has always been the highlight of my 22-year career. It meant that I left my mark as a designer and that the work I had done would endure for years to come.”

    Danny DiPietro's journey in designing Vermont National Guard logos encapsulates the harmony of merging history with modern design. It stands as a testament to his dedication, both as a serviceman and a designer, leaving an indelible mark on the Vermont National Guard's identity.


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