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    Gun Control doesn't work



    Story by Lance Cpl. Brian Stevens 

    Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni

    IWAKUNI, Japan - Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a big push for new reform regarding current gun control laws is at the forefront.

    When President Obama took office in 2008, he stated he wouldn't push for new gun laws, but instead reinforce already existing ones. People who are going to commit acts of violence with a firearm aren't going to follow gun control laws. For example, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon inside an elementary school in the state of Connecticut, but that didn't stop the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

    One idea which has been thrown around is a possible registry database for all weapons. This is just going to be a greater
    inconvenience to people who actually follow it and the people who are committing the crimes aren't going to submit their
    weapons to a national database.

    Most guns used in crimes are stolen, either from homes or gun dealers. Who in their right mindthinks someone who stole a gun is going to report it to a national database?

    Washington D.C. passed some of the strictest handgun laws in the nation more than 25 years ago, but the laws have failed to serve their purpose.

    Street crimes involving handguns didn't decrease. In
    retrospect, all the law did was waste time and money in our court systems.

    Twenty-five years after the ban, Washington D.C. has a death rate of 46.4 per 100,000 but just across the river in Arlington,
    Virginia the death rate is a mere 2.1 per 100,000.

    President James Madison once said “A government that does not trust its law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is itself unworthy of trust.”

    The only thing that is going to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Gun control doesn't work, statistics show that. It may work in other countries, and that is great for them, but it doesn't work in America and it never will.

    It's the same concept of parents being too strict on their children, it leads to rebellious and poor behavior.

    The harder the United States government clamps down on gun control, the higher crime rates will rise.



    Date Taken: 01.24.2013
    Date Posted: 01.24.2013 00:31
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