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Venice Area: 588 Hometown Heroes

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HM2 Daniel St. Louis 
HM2 Daniel St. Louis
HM2 Daniel St. Louis sends a greeting to his loved ones in North Fort Myers, Florida for Thanksgiving 2014.
Hometown: North Fort Myers
Spc. Phillip Roman 
Spc. Phillip Roman
Spc. Phillip Roman sends a greeting to Cape Coral, Florida from Monrovia, Liberia for Thanksgiving 2014.
Hometown: Cape Coral
Capt. Christina Carrigan 
Capt. Christina Carrigan
Capt. Christina Carrigan sends greetings to Sarasota, Fla. for Holiday Season 2014.
Hometown: Sarasota
Marine Attempts to Swim 239 Laps in Honor of the USMC Birthday in One Day 
Marine Attempts to Swim 239 Laps in Honor of...
Swimming 100 meters, or one lap, in an Olympic-sized pool may be tough to complete. Swimming 239 laps may seem impossible. Lance Corporal Lupe Campos brings you the story...
Hometown: Bradenton
Provider Soldier stretches for play 
Provider Soldier stretches for play
Chief Warrant Officer William Tyson, a mobility warrant officer assigned to 3rd Sustainment Brigade, stretches to make the play at first base, during a slow pitch softball...
Hometown: Arcadia
Marines on rappel: 5th ANGLICO executes insertion techniques 
Marines on rappel: 5th ANGLICO executes...
“Lean back and form an ‘L’ with your body,” instructed the Marine. “Alright, yell your name and then ‘on the rappel.’”
Hometown: Sarasota
SMP holds 3rd Annual Haunted House on Futenma 
SMP holds 3rd Annual Haunted House on Futenma
The Single Marine Program held the third annual haunted house Oct. 24- 26 on Marine Corps Air Station Futenma.
Hometown: Port Charlotte
Toledo N-PREP full-scale exercise 
Toledo N-PREP full-scale exercise
U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Mariana O’Leary, of St. Petersburg, Fla., coaches an exercise participant in the Joint Information Center on the best ways to...
Hometown: St. Petersburg

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