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Kenton Area: 389 Hometown Heroes

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137th Transfer of Authority 
137th Transfer of Authority
Soldiers with the 1-137th General Support Aviation Battalion uncase their colors during a transfer of authority ceremony at Camp Buehring, Kuwait
Hometown: Pickerington
Best Ranger Competition 
Best Ranger Competition
Sgt. Brian Hayman, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, and Sgt. Isaiah Thompson, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, stand as team 29 of the Best Ranger Competition at...
Hometown: De Graff
The 75th Ranger Regiment participates in Best Ranger 
The 75th Ranger Regiment participates in Best...
Team 29 consisting of Sgt. Brian Hayman, a native of Degraff, Ohio, and Sgt. Isaiah Thompson, a native of Omaha, Neb., from the 75th Ranger Regiment, conduct a two-mile...
Hometown: De Graff
Graduation Ceremony – Lima & Oscar Companies – April 3, 2015 
Graduation Ceremony – Lima & Oscar Companies...
Pfc. Michael G. Starrs, honor graduate for Platoon 3018, Lima Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, graduated boot camp April 3, 2015. Starrs is from Marion, Ohio....
Hometown: Marion
Commando Warrior Urban Operations Training 
Commando Warrior Urban Operations Training
Radio package about Security Forces Airmen from different bases in the Pacific region going through Commando Warrior Urban Operations Training.
Hometown: Columbus Grove
More beyond the paved path 
More beyond the paved path
“Most of the time we’re told what we can’t do anymore or we’re going to have trouble doing this or that. We’re told that you shouldn’t, you can’t and you...
Hometown: Delphos
12th Marines Mess Hall competes for best mess hall in the Marine Corps 
12th Marines Mess Hall competes for best mess...
Lt. Col Richard D. Kohler speaks with the head chef, Staff Sgt. Edward Fairley, while he inspects the 12th Marines Mess Hall March 5 after being nominated for the Major...
Hometown: Marion
Marines learn to master the ropes during helicopter suspension techniques course 
Marines learn to master the ropes during...
Corporal Carl Adams, a Weapons Company squad leader with 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment and native of Bellefontaine, Ohio, waits for the go-ahead to descend the rapel...
Hometown: Bellefontaine

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